Broadcast PR - Markettiers

September 25, 2017


This summer I had the opportunity to do work experience at markettiers for a week which was a really valuable insight into the industry.

At the beginning of the week, the team explained how they write research questions and then analyse the findings to create headlines and story angles. I was asked to help pick out the most striking information to be featured in radio interviews. In this way, even from the start of the week, I was given the chance to take the results from the research in a direction that I thought best suited the campaign. Towards the end of the week, I was asked to draft my own research questions for a campaign, which I really enjoyed. I also found it interesting because studying Sociology at University, I am used to the idea of writing research questions and conducting research, which complimented this task very well. Also, I discovered that there are campaigns for a very broad range of clients. Therefore, each campaign is unique and different and I enjoyed researching them.

In a similar way, the live and pre-recorded interviews I witnessed gave me an insight into the world of radio. I enjoyed seeing how the spokespeople incorporated their in-depth knowledge to the campaign, and after hearing the interviews several times found that I was learning a lot about what they had to say! I was also involved in making a note of the key messages that needed to be spoken about in interviews and giving feedback about the overall discussions. I thought this was a very effective way to ensure that the spokespeople incorporate the messaging into the interviews.
On my last day, I was asked to research brands that interest me and held my own brainstorm with the rest of the team for campaign ideas. I really liked that I had so much creative control over the brand I wanted to choose and in presenting the final ideas. I was also part of a paper review where the team pick out stories from newspapers with which to approach relevant clients, ensuring that their work was up to date and in line with relevant pieces already in the news. This seemed to me an intuitive way to approach clients and start campaign conversations, as well as just researching companies.
Overall, my week at markettiers provided me with an excellent insight into broadcast PR and how it can promote brands or awareness of companies effectively. The campaigns were different every day, which I found really appealing because the approach to radio or video content needed to be different to suit the aims of the client.
In addition, attending brainstorms allowed me to see how campaign ideas are formed and how the team work together across all parts of the markettiers4dc Group to come up with the best campaign for the client.
I learned so much during my week of work experience, which opened my eyes to a very interesting field of work that I had not previously discovered!  I am looking forward to returning for another week in December.


By Katy Diamond