Broadcast PR - Markettiers

July 17, 2009


When Alistair Darling announced the government scrappage scheme in April's budget the car industry took a somewhat cautious stance. Would the £2,000 incentive to trade in your ten year old car bring people back to Britain's forecourts? And would it help the ailing UK car industry, which was 30% down year on year for the first three months of 2009?

One car company that had witnessed the success of the scheme in Germany and France is Hyundai, whose i10 model had seen an increase in sales of 662% in Germany. After joining markettiers4dc on budget day to become the first car manufacturer to confirm that they would back the scheme, Hyundai joined us again on July 6th when the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) announced June's sales figures - the first full month of sales since the scheme was introduced.

Hyundai had posted a 90% increase in sales year on year and overtook big names like Volkswagen, Renault and Peugeot in the private car sales chart, despite the UK private car market being down 15% overall year on year. Hyundai's UK MD Tony Whitehorn joined markettiers4dc to pre record reactive comment on Friday under a strict embargo, and their UK Sales Director Guy Pigounakis joined us on Monday when the SMMT figures were announced at 9am. Sky news aired three separate items live from Hyundai's Milton Keynes dealership where they interviewed scrappage customers and the dealership manager, while CNBC and BBC News Channel both also ran live interviews. Online coverage was secured on the Telegraph, the homepage of the BBC website, and on the Sky News website, while Sky News radio broadcast Tony Whitehorn's reaction to 109 stations around the UK.

Hyundai emerged as the stand-out voice of the motor industry, and a real success story for their employees, current and prospective Hyundai owners alike.