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June 25, 2015


Our tips for making the most of the season.

During the summer months, when all MPs take their holidays, there is noticeable absence of political stories on the news agenda and therefore more air-time to fill. For savvy PRs this is a golden opportunity to capitalize on. Naturally the headlines tend to be lighter in the so-called ‘silly season’ but, dependent on who you work for, delivering a frolicsome PR campaign may not necessarily be the way to win value for your brand. Here are our tips for serving quality broadcast public relations results this season.

Find the right story:

Owing to a lack of political news, the media will have an appetite for anything hard-hitting. If you don’t have anything with a business focus, then use the quiet months to push forward ‘softer’ stories.

Think about holidays:

Everyone is going on holiday – you, the journalists, your brand’s CEO. It sounds obvious but make sure you know when everyone is going to be away in advance of your campaign activation so you can maximise on coverage potential. There is nothing worse than securing an interview with a top-tier broadcaster when your spokesperson is sunning themselves on the beach. Likewise, make sure that when you’re away there is someone else available to speak to the media on your behalf.

Spot a sporting opportunity: 

According to the RAJAR reports, in summer, there is always an increased listenership on Sport radio programming as well as seasonal stations, such as 5 live Sport Extra. So, if you can align your campaign with a summer sport such as cricket or tennis you could enjoy a much bigger audience.


Competitions offer a fantastic opportunity to achieve a sustained and high-reaching brand presence in the media over the summer months – either to support a wider media outreach or as a standalone campaign. Whether you want to promote a fun seasonal product or highlight a more serious message to deliver a strong call to action, media owners are receptive to editorial competition content as these can be planned in advance and require little project management. So you can sit back whilst your organisation maintains a presence on radio, online and social media.

Top Picks

Our top summer and back-to-school campaigns that we’ve delivered in the last year.

ASA: SwimSafe

We set up and staged an outside broadcast from the beach to maximise coverage for the Amateur Swimming Association’s (ASA) SwimSafe campaign, supported by the RNLI. A total of 170 radio and TV opportunities were secured overall, including Sky News and Sky News Radio.

Foster Grant: LA Express Festival Fashion competition

To support a wider broadcast media relations campaign we developed a competition with Foster Grant eyewear which was placed with 24 targeted radio and online media owners. We showcased Foster Grant’s latest model by offering audiences the opportunity to win two pairs of 3-in-1 snap-front sunglasses as well as a festival ‘glamping’ kit.

Clarks: Back to School

To launch Clarks’ new Back to School range we devised a broadcast campaign centred around the sentimentality parents feel when sending their children to school for the first time. We arranged for mother of two, Tamzin Outhwaite, to take part in radio interviews across the BBC and commercial network, with a total of 52 items of coverage achieved.

New College of the Humanities: How The Light Gets In festival

We kicked off our summer with the New College of the Humanities at the How The Light Gets In festival, the world’s largest philosophy and music festival. We collected newsbites from the festival itself and produced audio feature content featuring spokespeople from the college which was placed with 35 stations across the commercial network.