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March 01, 2018


Despite the Beast from the East, Prolific North 2018 got off to a flying start with only one casualty of the awful weather – Paul Mellon from Paddy Power whose flight was cancelled.

Day One

After grabbing a coffee, having a wander around the many stalls and saying hello to a couple of familiar faces, the morning began in earnest with a talk in the Keynote theatre by Richard Kenyon, Director of Marketing and Comms at Everton Football Club. Richard was talking about investing in insight to drive fan engagement, retention, and growth for the club.

Richard detailed how his team’s insight work is focused on the club’s fans who have a profound connection with Everton and the need to understand that despite all being Evertonians there are many differences that inform their attendance and spend with the club.

Part of the insight involves having a Fan Forum, essentially a council made up of 13 members, who help to inform the clubs’ choices, and the introduction of a Junior Fan Forum made up of teenagers. This Junior Forum lobbied for the club to join Snapchat in order to better engage with that demographic.

The key take-outs from Richard’s session were that insight is a continuous process that should be used to build the richest possible picture because insight equals engagement.

Next up was a trip to the Marketing Theatre to hear Cat Turner, Head of Consumer Services PR at Co-op, we’re lucky enough to work with Cat and her brilliant team so it was great to hear her thoughts on PR in 2018.

The marketing Theatre looks slightly surreal as everyone sits with wireless headphones on, silent disco-esque, and we’re promised lots of pictures of cats throughout the presentation.

Cat speaks about the blurred lines in in-house departments that have gradually become more prominent in the past few years and how different teams are increasingly working together to deliver campaigns that link up the different arms of the business and their goals.

She is also passionate about the engagement with Co-op members and how this informs products, using the recent launch of the Co-op Travel Insurance offering, which we provided the broadcast PR support for, as an example. Members were asked what they wanted out of travel insurance and their wishes were incorporated into the product, resulting in a travel insurance industry first.

We also heard about the need for measurement, and while the AVE system is largely redundant nowadays, there is still a need to demonstrate the impact and engagement of a campaign which now includes clicks, likes, shares, traffic and everything else.

Finally, Cat spoke about getting the most out of a small budget and how this often breeds creativity and ingenuity. Her top tips were to use data to create headlines, piggyback on news stories, using the current terrible weather as a great example and making the most of your expert via tweets, quotes, blogs and any other relevant channels.

The last talk I went to was short, sharp and to the point as Dave Lawson, MD of spoke about how to survive and prosper, using the examples of Toys R Us and Maplins, who both collapsed yesterday, as prime examples of failure to adapt to changing trends.

Dave spoke about AO’s beginnings and what they offered to stand head and shoulders above big-name competitors. AO offered a bigger range at better prices and bought their own fleet of delivery vans to offer next day delivery. The challenge now, says Dave, is all of their competitors now offer the same so staying one step ahead is becoming more difficult. This is where insight comes in, look to their customers to see what it is they really want, they analyse their competitor's activity, market trends and look at themselves to see what it is they can do better.

This, says Dave, is integral to making sure their business keeps driving in the right direction, survives and prospers.

What is clear from all the speakers at Prolific North Live is how important insight and input from their customers is – it is what informs the direction of comms and growth going forward and it is an ever-changing landscape that businesses and we as communications professionals need to use to our advantage.

At markettiers we place great importance and emphasis on insight because it means we can inform our clients effectively and create great campaigns that reach the audience they are intended for, in-turn meeting key objectives and delivering success that sees clients want to work with us time and again.


by David Lee
Account Manager, markettiers