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March 10, 2017


Media Evaluation Workshop

How we measure the success of a broadcast PR campaign is a difficult challenge on many fronts. Unfortunately, the results of a campaign are not as easily recorded and evaluated as say that of the progression of a competitive javelin thrower…bear with me. The athlete’s success can be measured and judged on a binary scale of success: are they throwing further or shorter. A PR campaign’s success can also be measured in such terms- but maybe we’re missing the bigger picture. Did the athlete use the techniques suggested by their coach? Did the athlete throw in the right direction? Did the crowd even applaud? Were they even watching?

To offer an exclusive insight into current media evaluation methods, we were fortunate to have Steph Bridgeman, owner of GHT UK Ltd. into our Manchester office this Thursday. We were clearly in extremely capable hands; as a specialist in media analysis consultancy, Steph oversees a team of 45 freelance media analysts whom have previously worked with a long list of impressive clients such as eBay, HSBC and Skype to name but a few. In fact, some of you may remember working on a few familiar clients including Gumtree, Seafish, and Adidas – of whom we have shared experience.

The session shed some revealing yet expected light on some of the PR industries media evaluation methods. The ways in which media analysis has evolved – from receiving sacks of print clippings for reading through to the now multi-faceted curation of insights from Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter impressions – displays an opportunity for the PR industry too, to evolve and utilise new methods of evaluation. 

Steph passionately discussed a number of tools and ideas for media evaluations such as AMEC for whom she is member- anyone with an interest in media analysis should take a look!

At markettiers we are always looking out for the freshest insight into whatever we do and as such we are extremely grateful for Steph to come across and share her expertise and insight on media analysis!


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