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September 09, 2015


Yesterday afternoon markettiers4dc successfully unveiled to the world’s media the Rolls-Royce Dawn – a stunning four-seater convertible  - by combining our core services of high level global media relations, live video streaming to a worldwide audience and big event project management.

Cars are almost always launched at motor shows or in a blaze of flash photography at one-off events. But for Rolls-Royce we did it in a radically different way: not a single journalist was on site at the Rolls-Royce Goodwood factory for the reveal.

Acknowledging the rapidly changing global media environment and wishing to target a younger audience of potential buyers who are very comfortable in a digital environment, not least because many will have made their fortunes online, instead the Dawn was unveiled via a live video stream.

The stream consisted of two seamlessly joined sections:

  • A 17 minute film hosted by model and car aficionado, Jodie Kidd, and Rolls-Royce CEO, Torsten Muller-Otvos, building up to the dramatic unveil of the Dawn as it drove onto the company’s grounds at Goodwood, immediately followed by mini vignettes on the car from Rolls-Royce’s Design, Engineering and Marketing Directors. We project managed and exec produced the filming over six days in Sardinia, London and Goodwood.
  • Straight off the back of this Jodie Kidd hosted a live Q&A with the CEO, taking questions from journalists all round the world. Our live events team created the player in which the full programme sat and we faultlessly streamed it to the world from Goodwood.

Immediately after the launch we set the CEO up for live satellite interviews with key target broadcasters – CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and BNN in North America; BBC World, BBC World Service Radio and BBC1 South Today here in the UK.

The results were spectacular:

  • Over 3,400 journalists watched the live programme submitting almost 300 questions
  • Within one hour of the launch over 60,000 news stories were running on Google
  • Within two hours the Dawn launch was trending as the #1 story worldwide on Google
  • So keen on the story were Reuters, the world’s leading news agency, that they took our live stream and fed it into the newsrooms of all their subscribers: the world’s leading 600 TV stations and all the world’s key print and online newsrooms. Together with them also distributing our B-Roll footage has resulted in massive broadcast pick up worldwide

You can watch the live programme here.  For the unveil video, click on ‘Press Conference. For the live Q&A with the CEO, click on Rolls-Royce Chief Executive Interview.