Broadcast PR - Markettiers


July 17, 2017


When I was introduced to Belinda Peach, Regional Co-ordinator for PRCA North after a PRCA event and I was asked to get involved with the Ideas Foundation by helping to mentor youngsters from Liverpool I didn’t know what to expect. I accepted, knowing it would be a great learning experience and a good way to meet others in our industry.

As part of the project, groups from schools in Liverpool were given a live brief and tasked with coming up with creative proposals based around Radio One’s Big Weekend music festival. I was brought into the scheme fairly late on so missed out on mentoring the students this time around but I was invited to the final to help judge the presentations.


Two duos from a local sixth form college pitched their ideas; they’d dissected the brief, thought about their target audience and how to make the experiences interactive and fresh. The four sixth formers then joined me to judge the high school students and it was a very, very difficult decision.


Three groups presented and they were all brilliant: they excelled in different areas and had different strengths; many of the ideas were campaign ready and could be kicked off tomorrow. I was blown away by the work ethic of the kids. They’d mastered 3D graphic modelling, green screen and video production all off their own backs, mocked up snapchat filters, researched geotags and combed through previous Big Weekend branding and coverage in order to stay on brand but bring freshness, creativity and forward thinking to their projects. One group had even conducted their own market research into social media usage amongst their peers and the target audience. Their drive, determination and creativity was inspiring; these students have all the attributes we, markettiers, and indeed the wider PR world, look for.


Creativity is incredibly important in our industry; the energy and thought that goes into our campaign proposals illustrates the need to be creative, have artistic flare and able to think outside of the box so that we and, vitally, our clients stand out from the crowd.


The whole aim of this live brief and project was to inspire youngsters into the creative industries: those who haven’t thought about it because it’s not the norm in their area or those whom have no point of reference from older relatives and family members in these industries. These youngsters have got confidence, talent and creativity in spades; it was great to be involved in an event designed to show them that they can have a future in the creative and digital world.


With the huge growth and investment in digital and creative industries in the North West (the BBC have recently announced 200 new digital sector jobs) I am in no doubt that some of these kids will be the designers, graphic artists, coders, and PRs of the future and with the industries’ help and guidance, through engagement and mentorship we can help to shape the next generation of PRs and they in turn can help us to engage with emerging platforms and trends.


It’s vital in this industry that have people from all different backgrounds. At markettiers, our team is made up of people from all walks of life, with different qualifications and experiences. This eclectic mix of skills, reference points and expertise allows us to be market leaders.  


by David Lee