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October 27, 2016


The RAJAR results are out – and it’s good news for radio stations across the country. There are now 320,000 more listeners than this time last year. It means that 48.2 million adults across the country tune into the radio every week. To put this into perspective, we’re now listening to nearly as many hours of radio, as we watch television!

And here’s a secret…. The radio audience figure is actually much higher than you think. Here’s why.


So you’ve secured your interview on the Today programme, TalkRadio or LBC. #Winning

You proudly tell your spokesperson that, according to the latest RAJAR results, a million listeners heard the interview. The good news is that figure is actually much higher. BBC shows like the Today programme, and commercial stations like TalkRadio and LBC, all create podcasts or on-demand content.

It means that thousands more listeners will be downloading and listening to the programme, hours after you’ve left the studio. The content is usually available for 30 days after it’s aired, giving audiences plenty of time to tune in.

2.Radio Social

If you’ve secured an interview on radio recently, the chances are that the presenter or the station has tweeted about it. Whether they are trailing an upcoming conversation, or a quote from an interview that’s already taken place, presenters and stations are always trying to engage with their listeners even when they’re not tuned into the radio.

Some stations like LBC also share audioBoom links and video clips of some of their most sensational pieces of content on Facebook and Twitter.  For PRs it means that when you secure an interview on a radio station, if you also pitch to their social media manager, or provide the producer with content for social, then you have a chance to reach thousands of additional listeners.

In reality securing an interview on LBC would give you 991,000 listeners, but if they then tweeted that link you could reach an additional 147,000 people who follow @LBC on Twitter.

3.The Real Influencers

What if a presenter like Nick Ferrari then re-tweets that link? You could reach an additional 61,000 followers. In total, that one interview has reached an additional 200,000 people.

Radio presenters from local and national stations are at the heart of audience engagement. If you’re listening to Sunrise Radio in the morning then the chances are that you enjoy hearing Raj Ghai & Sonia. If you’re tuning into Radio X, then you probably love a little bit of Chris Moyles on the morning commute. These are the personalities at the heart of radio influencer marketing.

For a brand trying to reach out to people in Norfolk, then Simon Rowe, KLFM’s breakfast presenter, has 11,500 followers on Twitter. His reach to the local community is likely to be higher than a national station like Kiss FM. Tweeting him before an interview, telling him how excited you are or sending a selfie with him in the studio, or a simple ‘thank you’ after an interview, has a good chance of being retweeted – and boosting your overall interview reach.

As radio continues to become more digital, and more visual, the opportunities for brands increases. There have never been more opportunities to engage with radio audiences in more creative ways. So the next time your client or brand is on-air remember that your reach is beyond the airwaves.