Broadcast PR - Markettiers


For brands, blogs provide a powerful way of getting your messages directly to a very targeted and engaged audience, quickly. That's why we set up our own network of influential bloggers, who have signed up to be involved with communications campaigns on behalf of our clients.

As a broadcast consultancy, all our parenting blogger engagement campaigns have a broadcast media focus; and this can be delivered in a number of ways, including:

  • Sampling products, producing video reviews and embedding branded video content
  • Interviewing campaign spokespeople for a podcast or video
  • Taking part in interview opportunities, webTV shows and round-table discussions streamed online
  • Becoming a case study in regional or national broadcast interviews on radio, TV and online
  • Attending events / focus groups
  • Pre-campaign insight

Bloggers not only aid brand awareness, but the influence of our bloggers is particularly strong from an SEO perspective too, with their video reviews scoring very highly in related searches on Google. Bloggers also help brands reach a targeted audience and enable brand engagement, they have ready-made established communities who trust them which enhances credibility of the brand, product or event through organic reviews.