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Offering a wide range of tailored broadcast solutions to organisations communicating to international markets, we have the worldwide reach to deliver your story to the right audience. Our understanding of the global broadcast landscape is vast and our expert team will advise you how to navigate it, working directly with CEOs, Corporate, Consumer and Internal Comms Directors; and Public Affairs Directors, dovetailing with both in-house teams and agencies.

Global Media Relations

Our multi-lingual media relations team leverage strong relationships with TV, radio and online broadcasters across leading markets in Europe to consistently deliver significant volumes of high quality news coverage. In the US and Asia we work alongside established partners who work in the local markets and know their local broadcasters requirements, tailoring their approaches and storylines to match.

Live CEO Interviews

We can secure interviews for your CEO or spokesperson with international broadcasters to communicate your organisation's news story, whether is a new product launch, an industry conference or a business announcement. We can set interviews up live from our own in-house studio or on location, via satellite, via the 3G network, or face-to-face with crews on the ground.

B-Roll and video news package production

We regularly film and edit B-Roll for brands in advance of major corporate announcements, product launches or results statements. This content can be used by TV stations either to illustrate a CEO interview arranged by our team or as part of a station's own news package that may have been partially shot by them. This video content is then distributed to TV stations and websites with their own production capabilities. At the same time, we frequently edit scripted and voiced news packages which some websites prefer and which work well for brands to also use as part of their internal communications activity.

We have a commercial partnership with Reuters, the world's leading broadcast news agency which allows us to distribute stories and content to almost all leading TV stations and online news outlets around the world. This ensures we can get your story, in the form of a succinct advisory, B-Roll and cut package, to the following via both satellite feed and download:

  • 650+ leading TV stations worldwide
  • 1000+ ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliate stations across the USA
  • 1000+ key newspapers and publishers
  • 250,000 high net worth financial professionals

In order to most effectively monitor usage, we encode the B-Roll with an invisible watermark; every time your content is used we are alerted with the duration of use, what time it was used and by which broadcaster.

Live Streaming with translations

Our digital and production team can stream live and on-demand content from our own studios and from almost any location in the world. If you're looking to communicate a live event with an international audience, we have the expertise and technical skill to deliver the stream to the highest professional standard.

We tailor each streaming campaign to maximise engagement. Whether you are targeting an internal or external audience, we will advise the most effective approach, such as webcasting a panel debate or broadcasting a corporate presentation.

Your stream can then be hosted online, through a private portal or placed with third party media owners and accessed via mobile, tablet and through social media networks.

If you want an audience to watch a live streamed programme in their own language, we have the proven experience to deliver live audio translations simultaneously in many languages, working with your IT team to ensure the output is seamless.

For more information about live streaming please click here.

Corporate Video Production

Video has become a fundamental element of corporate marketing strategies, enabling organisations to communicate key information in an engaging and creative way. We can produce a variety of video types to meet your end business objectives, such as showcasing company highlights for a tender, producing a video series for internal stakeholders or a product demonstration for your website.

Our solutions can range from simple face-to-camera clips filmed in studio to high end, graphics-led branded film.

Media Training for global media

We deliver bespoke training courses to prepare spokespeople for tackling all the broadcast media scenarios that could crop up when communicating internationally. Whatever the reason, a corporate milestone announcement or dealing with a media crisis, our experts will provide your spokesperson with the key tools and techniques to get through interviews with confidence.

Our training can be tailored for any person or group representing an organisation with any level of media experience.

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