Broadcast PR - Markettiers


We deliver bespoke training courses to prepare delegates for tackling all broadcast media scenarios, providing them with the key tools and techniques to get through interviews with confidence.

Whether you are promoting a new product on the radio, shooting a recipe video or dealing with a media crisis, you are relying on your spokesperson to deliver your key messages as well as protecting the reputation of your organisation. Our training can be tailored for any person or group representing an organisation with any level of media experience, such as C-Suite Executives, industry experts and TV personalities.

Each training course is delivered over one day or half day and comprise of both practical and theoretical modules with experienced journalists and media experts.

All training courses include:
  • A thorough introduction to the broadcast landscape, how it works and how to target your key audience
  • Identifying the traps and dangers of broadcast interviews through looking at real examples of good and bad practice
  • Intensive practice of TV and radio interviews in our in-house studios in order to learn how to deliver key messaging, take hold of the conversation and present yourself (how to look, what to wear)
  • Detailed constructive feedback and analysis of your work and take-home footage
  • Advice and brainstorm of future broadcast opportunities for your organisation