Broadcast PR - Markettiers


To maximise the reach and engagement of your campaign, we can support you plan and deliver your social strategy, ensuring seamless integration with broadcast and print activity. As all social channels differ in their user demographic, style and tone, it is important your messaging is tailored accordingly. Luckily, our digital team has the experience and know-how to produce content that your target audience will like and share.

Content creation

Content for all social media needs to be attention-grabbing, digestible and sharable. Our digital and creative teams can advise the best approach for your community and produce the assets in-house. This could include assets such as an infographic presenting a finding from campaign research, a short-form video or a panel debate show hosted on LinkedIn.

Live streaming into social media

To make your event more accessible to your online community we have the capability to stream live into your social channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This allows the viewer to access and interact with your content without having to leave the page. For more information about live streaming please click here .

Bespoke video production for social media

Thinking of using video in your next campaign? Create a stronger brand message by having consistency in all video content across all your social channels. Each social channel has their own set of parameters for uploading content, in terms of dimensions, video length and size limit which needs to be considered when shooting. Similarly, you also need to think about the style and tone of the content and tailor it for each channel to ensure maximum audience appeal.

With minimal additional cost to a video feature or video news package edit, our crew and editors can create bespoke clips for all platforms, including Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat.