Broadcast PR - Markettiers


On Sunday 24th June, it was announced that Saudi women were legally permitted to drive for the first time in history. markettiers consulted for Careem on a story around the Saudi women driving announcement creating a broadcast strategy to maximise engagement via multiple platforms with audiences internationally, regionally and locally.

In order to deliver this, our strategy focused on filming the female Captainah talent in the desert, as well as interviewing the CEO of Careem in Dubai to provide some context to the piece and to talk about the investment in Saudi. Coupled with this, we also managed to arrange an interview with one of the first Saudi female drivers – who was also due to become a driver for Careem.


Editing the content overnight in English and Arabic, we created B-Roll for TV and Video News Releases in English and Arabic. Immediately upon approval, the team worked in tandem with the international news teams (based in our London headquarters) and sought to provide media with access to the footage under embargo for their news bulletins.


Results wise, the content has now achieved over 50 of broadcast coverage with top tier media outlets in the first 48 hours of the announcement. Noteworthy coverage has seen pieces on The Independent (Facebook Page), Belfast Telegraph, AOL, Esquire ME Arabia, Al, Arabian Business Arabia,  Saudi Gazette, Eye of Riyadh and ARN among others. In addition, CNBC, Bloomberg, Sky News and Emirates News have also put together their own news packages using the B-Roll we provided them with.  


Here are some examples of the coverage we have secured so far:

Arabian Business -  (showcases our English VNR)

Independent - (they put together their own package using the B-Roll)

CarNews2day (Arabic) -المرأة-في-السعودية-تُباشر-تجربة-القيادة-مع-كريم (showcases our Arabic VNR)