Learning to manage our blood pressure

A third of the nation’s GPs together spend the equivalent of two years measuring blood pressure each week


markettiers was briefed by Hanover PR and Omron to generate broadcast coverage highlighting the amount of time currently spent by UK GP surgeries measuring UK blood pressure; and showcase the accuracy of modern home blood pressure monitoring kits, including the OMRON EVOLV.


To create a news hook and capture the attention of the media, Opinion Matters conducted consumer research on the amount of people who are unaware of how to check their blood pressure and also how it can be done from the comfort of their own home; this line of research being of particular relevance given the current strain on the NHS and the national cut backs on health services. We worked with spokesperson Dr Yassir Javaid, GP, Shefalee Loth, Blood Pressure UK, and Charlie Fox, Omron Healthcare to provide insight on why so many people are unaware that high blood pressure is a ‘silent killer’ and how people should be taking care of health and diet choices, ultimately allowing for us to promote the benefit of using a home blood monitoring kit which saves GP time, but also allows people to take control.


Coverage was secured across both radio and TV, with ‘Omron’ also receiving an interview request from BBC Breakfast for their Saturday morning show which is yet to take place. Radio opportunities included BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Northampton and BBC Three Counties.