A Dog is for Life

After thirty years of one of the most memorable slogans
‘A Dog is for Life, and not just for Christmas’, markettiers4dc were tasked with promoting the Dogs Trust (the UK’s largest dog welfare charity) and its message in the run up to the festive period.

In order to convey the message of responsible dog ownership, plus the fact that a dog is a long-term commitment and not simply a Christmas gift – the Dogs Trust conducted the Dog Report 2008 to look into dog trends and the social benefits of owning a dog over the last thirty years. Research was undertaken covering a national representative sample of 4,946 dog-owning adults (aged 16+) across the UK, which determined the full cost of owning and taking care of a dog now comes to £14,750 per dog based on a 12-year lifespan.

We then conducted a series of interviews at local Dogs Trust Re-homing Centres, securing impressive TV coverage across 6 different regions, including ITV Westcountry, ITV Central Birmingham, ITV Ulster, BBC South Today, ITV Yorkshire and ITV Anglia, with a potential audience reach of 2,441,000, helping dogs across Britain find home of Christmas.