Age of Mum campaign

Women are spending up to four hours online every day looking for advice on trying for a baby, coping with pregnancy and juggling the demands of being a new mum, according to new research by Bounty, the UK’s largest online parenting club. Increasingly, they’re turning to things like internet chatrooms to get advice that previously would have been passed between family and friends.

Bounty were keen to highlight the importance of web communities to their audience and beyond – their website alone gets up to 25,000 women, particularly mothers and pregnant women, visiting every day. As an industry, we know that this audience is prolific online, however, the research uncovered a social trend necessitated by the age of first-time mums ever increasing and the emergence of more working mums than a generation ago. As such, women are preferring to discuss their pregnancy or new found motherhood online with like-minded individuals they don’t know – rather than their own mums or even peer group.

Bounty enlisted the support of markettiers4dc to uncover this trend and build the broadcast strategy to best portray the findings of the research and the story itself. Given the nature of the audience, markettiers4dc undertook a broadcast session of interviews pointing towards a live webTV show where the audience could log in for advice, taking place later in the day.

Having organised for renowned parenting educator and relationship counsellor, Suzie Hayman to sit alongside Faye Mingo of Bounty in the studio, we set about the sell-in which, on the day, yielded significant coverage on both platforms with over 100 radio stations running the story including live interviews with BBC Scotland, BBC Merseyside and BBC Kent. The coverage was boosted following an interview with Sky News Radio who pre-recorded an interview with Faye on the afternoon prior to the session for play-out into their morning bulletin.

The webTV programme was sold in to parenting and female lifestyle sites alike delivering stand-out coverage on; Closer; Tiscali and Happy Families to name a few. Mummy Madness further publicised the programme by adding an announcement to relevant Facebook pages, forums and ‘tweeted’ about the show on their Twitter page. View the webTV show here:

For more information on the campaign or how best to target parents effectively in broadcast contact us at [email protected]