Argos Delivers The Best Christmas Yeti

The battle of the Christmas adverts has been bigger than ever. To ensure Argos had a strong share of voice, markettiers worked alongside W Communications to maximise coverage around their brand new Christmas concept.


Maximise awareness of and generate ad recall for the latest Argos Christmas ad. For the concept, Argos once again focused on speed, adrenaline and excitement for its Christmas spot. However, as a twist, the adverts featured eight foot tall, neon yetis, hurtling through snowy streets on ice-skates, delivering Christmas gifts at extraordinary speed.


To create editorially balanced and compelling content, for placement coinciding with the media bought to carry the ad, the “Christmas Yeti’s” (skating and ice hockey pros in the neon yeti suits) were filmed visiting iconic London locations, including Westminster Bridge, Millennium Bridge and Southbank Skate Park.

The resulting video content depicted the yetis as tourists, experiencing London for the first time on their speedy skates, stopping for selfies with enthralled passers-by and interacting with the general public. The footage was edited into a buzzfeed style 60 second package, with on-screen text to deliver additional information and key messages, as well as B-Roll for media looking to create their own cut package.


Thanks to the multiple formats of content produced, a spike of coverage was achieved on the day the new ad spot aired. National, regional, consumer and trade media embedded the video within their pages, with coverage highlights including Mirror Online, Sun Online, Daily Star and Huffington Post.