Arla Farmers Milk

Arla launches their new Farmers Milk, which guarantees 25p per unit will be returned directly to Arla farmers


The UK’s biggest dairy co-operative Arla launched ‘Farmers Milk’ which will give farmers a guaranteed 25p per £1.20 four-pint bottle. It was hoped that this announcement would be welcome news for Britain’s dairy farmers as the industry has been facing challenging times. As part of the initiative there was also planned a nationwide roadshow throughout July and August, with Arla farmers heading to 19 destinations across the UK to meet the general public and discuss the vital work they do, as well as what farm life is really like in 2016.


markettiers worked closely Cow PR to provide broadcast support for this launch and ensure the announcement was heard far and wide throughout the UK. Consumer research was conducted to gauge the public’s opinion on the dairy industry, which was used as the basis of the discussion across all interviews.  With access to a central Arla spokesperson and farmer in our studios on the day, alongside regional Arla farmers available for interview with their local stations, we were able to maximise all available opportunities with media (both radio and TV).


30 items of broadcast coverage were secured reaching a potential audience of 28,559,000, with radio highlights including Farming Today, Radio 4 Today and BBC Scotland.  ITV Calendar attended the Great Yorkshire Show and ITV Wales filmed at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, both with Arla farmers.