Bayer - Be Lungworm Aware: Slime Watch

markettiers4dc have worked alongside Bayer Animal Health for a number of years to raise awareness of the potential dangers of lungworm to dogs as part of a long term public awareness campaign to inform and re-educate pet owners, reminding them to protect their pets and Be Lungworm Aware. This most recent phase of awareness saw the commissioning of a ground-breaking study with the University of Exeter into snail behaviour.

markettiers4dc captured the experiment as it took place, for B-roll and video news feature content, including 9 hours of detailed time-lapse footage that followed the journey of snails as they travelled throughout the night. Each of the snails had LED lights or UV paint put on their shells so that their movement was easily traced.

Planning conversations began weeks in advance with environment and health correspondents and broadcast assets were developed in a number of formats to ensure maximum pick up potential.

On the day of the campaign launch markettiers4dc coordinated back-to-back radio and television interviews with spokesperson Dr David Hodgson, Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Exeter. The time lapse B Roll footage was used by all major news channels and the extended video documentary was carried by 20+ websites, with excerpts of it also used by Sky News.

The story received extensive media pick-up, with TV and radio coverage highlights including BBC 1 News, BBC Breakfast, BBC News, 5 Live, BBC News Channel, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News, CNN, Classic FM, Global Network, ITV News, BBC online, BBC 6 o'clock news, Sky News TV, Sky Online, Reuters TV, ITV lunchtime news, Mail Online, Express, Times Online, Telegraph, Yahoo, MSN, Mirror and Metro.

The Discovery Channel also featured it on their daily news segment called Trending (an international show, and the only nightly science and technology program around the world) featuring 'the coolest, most jaw-dropping science and tech videos of the day'.

The video feature created by markettiers4dc's video production team has received around 50,000 views to date.