A Bedtime Story with Arnie and Barnie

markettiers4dc worked with Nick Jr to support the channel’s launch of the new series of A Bedtime Story with Arnie & Barnie. To maximise engagement amongst the target audience; parents of young children, markettiers4dc created bespoke WebTV shows for targeted websites and involved the Parenting Broadcast Blogger Network. The Parenting Broadcast Blogger network is an online community comprised of 60 influential mummy bloggers who create content that relates to parents of young families.

The members of the Parenting Broadcast Blogger Network were invited to apply to be part of the WebTV show panel to provide a parent's point of view on the topic of bedtime reading. After receiving all of the entries markettiers4dc selected the most relevant blogger based on the age of child/ren and detail of application.

As a 'thank-you' Nick Jr and markettiers4dc sent DVD copies of the first episode of A Bedtime Story and Nick Jr goody bags to all the bloggers who applied to be part of the show which resulted in additional hype for the campaign as they wrote reviews of the DVD giving the peer-to-peer feedback that parents look for when watching a new TV show with their children. Furthermore, the bloggers were keen to share their involvement with the up-coming show and express their support for their fellow mummy blogger on the panel and so shared their anticipation on their blogs and social media outlets.

The WebTV show was presented by Nick Jr's Helena Dowling and featured Becky Overton, Bedtime Stories writer, and Holly Driscoll of Dolly and Daydreams Blog. The live WebTV show, which was filmed in the markettiers4dc WebTV studio and used a unique virtual backdrop, was streamed simultaneously across targeted websites and acted as a platform for the guests to discuss the issues surrounding bedtime reading – including the barriers, benefits and best ways to do so.


  • The show was streamed live across 14 websites, with bespoke shows created for websites including Female First, Family Friendly Working and their partner Children's Sleep Charity's Facebook page and a bespoke video feature created for Parent Dish
  • 25 items of coverage with a potential reach of over 3 million
  • Independent reviews from four mummy bloggers on their websites which are followed by the target audience