Bravissimo Confidence ‘Bra-Ometer’

Would you have thought Cheryl Cole is a bra size 28F? Nor would markettiers4dc, until we worked with lingerie specialists Bravissimo who estimate 80% of women in the UK are in the wrong size bra!
As advocates and campaigners for women everywhere to be confident in their own skins, Bravissimo teamed up with markettiers4dc to put the message out there that confidence comes from making the best of what you’ve got, and that something as simple as getting in the right bra can really help your confidence. According to Bravissimo 80% of women are in the wrong size bra, so the campaign markettier4dc devised was aimed at getting women to visit stores or the website to get a professional fitting.

According to their first ever Confidence Bra-Ometer Report, nine out of ten women agree that their looks and more specifically their boobs, can affect their overall confidence. Despite the popularity of TV programmes telling women to be proud of their bodies, it seems over 40% of women won't let anyone but their partners see them in their underwear. Shockingly, one in five women are so self-conscious about being seen without their outer clothing that they actively avoid using communal changing rooms in shops or gyms.

markettier4dc devised an integrated campaign which kicked off with a series of radio interviews with psychologist Jenni Trent Hughes and Bravissimo Fit Guru Jacqui Jagger, and led to coverage on BBC stations including BBC Stoke, BBC Derby and BBC Newcastle, and commercial stations from the Heart Network.

We then utilised online tactics to target Bravissimo's key audience and bring the visual side of the campaign to life, with Jacqui Jagger performing a live bra fitting on a Bravissimo customer during a WebTV show which was broadcast on sites including MSN, Tiscali and Female First. Viewers sent in their questions live on bra fitting and body confidence issues, allowing Jacqui and Jenni to bring home their message that we should all value our 'breast assets'!

As well as the interactive WebTV, we produced two short video features for with Jacqui demonstrating the bra fitting and types of bra available, again utilising a Bravissimo customer as a model.

Crucially for Bravissimo to drive traffic to their website, markettiers4dc applied their patented LinkTo Technology to the on-demand version of the WebTV show, allowing viewers to go from the items demonstrated in the video to the same item on Bravissimo's site in just one click.

You can view the Web chat here