Broadcast activation around the science of feeling full

markettiers working with Heinz to maximise coverage around the science of feeling full on fewer calories and how a bowl of soup can play an important part in ending yo-yo dieting.


Heinz wanted to launch a campaign to encourage their target audience (women aged 25-45) to consider soup as a nutritious, healthy and filling meal. The new year was the perfect time to launch the campaign as many plan their healthy life style changes and New Years resolutions but also meant that there was strong competition from other brands meaning we had to stand out to secure cut through.


The brand had enlisted spokesperson Professor Barbara Rolls, whose Volumetrics programme is recognised as the number two diet programme for weight loss in the US News & World Report’s 2017 Best Diet rankings, and we had access to her for two days as part of her visit to the UK.  

To support the campaign and create discussion points for broadcasters alongside the Volumetric scientific studies,  we recommended conducting consumer research amongst UK adults to understand our eating habits and diet pitfalls. The results all revealed the diets we’d tried and failed at as well as our New Year plans for 2017.

Tasked with targeting both traditional broadcast media and online outlets, Barbara came to our studios the day before campaign launch and we captured video content for placement with news and lifestyle titles, offering 5 steps to feeling full in a digestible, bite-size format. This was also a great opportunity for ad-hoc media interviews with broadcasters who wanted to capture content ready to release the following day.


On launch day campaign today we secured a strong schedule with 18 media interviews and a strong combination of BBC and commercial titles resonating well with the target audience.
We also captured audio content in the session which was placed with broadcasters throughout January adding longevity to the campaign.
The online video also secured coverage across 30 online media outlets, including the Daily Star -giving the campaign a total reach of 41.7m