Desktop Conscience

Sticking to a healthy diet can be easier said than done when busy lifestyles prevent you going to the supermarket or making time to prepare a balanced meal. With this in mind, the Desktop DAN campaign aimed to provide consumers with a little bit of help and information as well as regular reminders about their healthy living goals directly to their computer.

Desktop DAN, an animated desktop dietician created in partnership with the British Dietetic Association, offers free advice on diet, nutrition and health in order to help consumers achieve a healthier lifestyle. For example, it might be a reminder to drink sufficient water each day or a suggestion for a nutritious mid-afternoon snack. As well as the launch of the desktop dietician, the campaign also allowed Canned Food UK to educate consumers about the benefits of canned food and to inspire them to use canned goods more creatively in order to tackle misconceptions about the ways in which this type of food can be incorporated into a busy and healthy lifestyle.

The strategy encompassed radio interviews, an online webchat and a series of online editorial competitions in order to effectively deliver the key messages to the UK public as well as to drive traffic back to where people could obtain free advice and recipes via Desktop DAN or find out more about the benefits of canned food.

The radio interviews were carried out by Dr Frankie Phillips from the British Dietetic Association and reached just short of 3 million listeners (weekly reach) on 21 stations. The online elements secured a total of 30 items of coverage on a variety of sites including Channel 4, Virgin, Zest, Tiscali, Fitmap, London Health, Myvillage and