Discovery of HMS Victory

After going missing for over 260 years and a three-year search, the wreck of HMS Victory, a warship with one of the most famous names in English history, was discovered in the English Channel. Discovery Channel Crews were filming episodes of Treasure Quest when the discovery was made.

The discovery of HMS Victory was announced at an international press conference and markettiers4dc were tasked with handling the UK broadcast media relations. Campaign objectives were to announce the discovery of the HMS Victory to UK broadcast media via the press conference, and encourage people to watch Treasure Quest to see the discovery unfold in the UK & US.

The markettiers4dc production team set up an on location broadcast unit and worked remotely, channelling proactive interest from UK media and managing challenging logistics of UK and Global media vying for spokespeople's time. Bids were considered and time slots confirmed, with just 3 hours to interview the spokespeople following the conference.

Studio interview opportunities were also offered the following day for stations to cover the initial news announcement in greater detail, a strategy to increase coverage opportunities. We also gathered audio on site to produce newsbites for stations unable to be accommodated in the live link schedule and allow Discovery Channel US to further deliver comment to global media.

The short turnaround of the campaign (2 days forward planning) meant commercial newsrooms were the key targets during the media approach for the initial announcement with BBC feature programming accommodated in studio based interviews the following day. South coast stations were also focused on, especially Portsmouth, where the Victory was built and as the wreck was found in the English Channel.

TV pick up was of exceptional calibre, with coverage secured across the UK as per the initial remit, as well as in Germany and the US, despite adverse weather dominating the news agenda and adding a further level of logistical challenge in ensuring the media received the content and footage they required. In addition to impressive TV coverage both nationally and internationally, the campaign also received extensive radio coverage. The combination of TV and radio activity resulted in a total of 74 items of coverage giving Discovery Channel access to a potential audience reach of over sixty million across the UK, USA and Germany. A combined total of almost 9 hours TV and radio coverage with an equivalent ad spend value of £306,710.

TV highlights included national pieces on ITV News at 10, CNN's The Situation Room – their worldwide evening news programme, Sky, More4 and BBC and ITV news.

“Once again, very many thanks for all the efforts markettiers4dc has made to support our conference and news story. I appreciate how last-minute your involvement was and I've been impressed by everyone's enthusiasm and commitment despite the challenges you've faced.”

Claire McCormack, PR Director, Discovery UK