DK: First Aid Manual 10th Edition

This year DK launched the 10th edition of their First Aid Manual, which is an up-to-date illustrated guide that covers every aspect of first aid practice. Endorsed and authorised by the UK’s three leading first aid societies – St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and The British Red Cross – the guide outlines a number of changes including how to deal with infant choking, which is one of the most significant technique changes within the book.

markettiers4dc worked in conjunction with DK’s in-house press team to emphasise how important it is for parents to know how to perform first aid on their child and ensure their knowledge is up to date. To support the launch, new research was commissioned amongst parents to explore if they had been in a situation where their child is choking, if they had taken the official first aid training course and how confident they would be administrating first aid if their child was choking which all provided a further news line and local talking point for media.

markettiers4dc then secured and arranged a schedule of back-to-back radio and TV interviews across a wide spectrum of BBC and commercial stations, with a spokesperson from all three societies and a case study being made available for media. Coverage was extensive with highlights including Sky TV, Daybreak, Channel 5, BBC 5 Live (Morning Reports and Breakfast), BBC Scotland and BBC London amongst many others.