Do you know where your children are online?

New Global report reveals staggering new statistics on online digital family behaviour

The Norton Online Living Report is the world’s leading comprehensive report on digital lifestyle habits of children and adults, tracking online activity via data from eight countries.

Norton wanted to use its findings to highlight and warn parents about the amount of time kids spend online, and give parents advice on how to openly discuss internet safety with their children, including the growing trend for ‘friending’ their kids on social networking sites.

Research conducted into children’s internet use with the Norton Online Living Report showing that one in five children worldwide worryingly admit to doing things online their parents would not approve of.

Three quarters of UK parents are concerned about what their children are doing online; one quarter have no idea what their children get up to on the internet.

Sadly, parental trust in their children’s internet use is lacking, with 27% of parents say they’ve spied on their child’s internet usage (i.e. read email, tracked websites etc.) and a large 42% of parents did not know how to use the parental controls on their internet browser.

On the upside, it seems over two thirds (71%) of kids (Aged 8-17 years) think reading online is just as valuable as reading a book, but 14% of parents think the internet makes it harder for parents to educate their children than when they were growing up.

The aim of the campaign was to drive awareness of the Norton Global Report and issues surrounding child internet use and safety in the UK – a regularly publicised modern day concern, so markettiers4dc ran a Radio broadcast campaign targeting parents.

markettiers4dc conducted a series of Radio interviews with campaign spokespeople Mo Shapiro, Psychologist and Marian Merritt, Symantec’s Internet Safety Advocate who serves on the board of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), with questions on why parents have such difficulty tracking kids’ online behaviour and what benefits the internet can bring to families?

The campaign was a great success with one broadcast session generating 16 interviews including BBC Radio Merseyside, Kerrang! 105.2 FM, Rock Radio NW (Manchester), as well as Sky News syndicating across stations including ABSOLUTE Radio 105.8 FM / AM, 100.4 Smooth FM, Heart London and more.

The campaign reached a total of 57 Radio stations across the UK with a potential audience reach (RAJAR) of 17,301,000. Radio coverage spanned nearly 5 hours, with a rate card comparison of £69,360.

Our clients on the campaign said they were “really impressed with the professionalism”, so another successful campaign for markettiers4dc.

*Survey – commissioned by Symantec