Driving entries into the 2017 WellChild Awards

WellChild is the national charity that makes it possible for children and young people with exceptional health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever possible


We were tasked with increasing awareness of and driving entries to the 2017 WellChild Awards, which celebrate the inspirational qualities of the UK’s seriously ill children and young people, along with the dedicated people who support them.


Using a combination of central spokespeople (celebrity ambassador, Gaby Roslin, and Chief Executive of WellChild, Colin Dyer) based in our studios, combined with the ad hoc availability of previous winners and case studies of people who have been supported by WellChild, we were able to deliver a spike of coverage successfully engaging viewers and listeners.

Presenters engaged positively with the emotive subject matter, conducting interviews with an average duration close to ten minutes, highlighting the level of interest in the story and quality of the spokespeople available.


Overall we secured 24 interviews – including 1 TV interview, 1 national radio station and more than 20 regional BBC and commercial radio stations – with key messaging prominent throughout.