Effective call-to-action for Call Of Duty 4

The release of Call of Duty 4 (COD4) saw the launch of the latest instalment in one of the largest video game franchises ever. Allowing gamers to experience the intensity of war, this new action-thriller arms the gamers with powerful modern day firepower, allowing them to fight fictional battles in the world’s most treacherous hotspots.

COD4 promised to be one of the most authentic warfare simulations in gaming history, while showing respect for and honouring those who served and have fallen.

Markettiers4dc chose to focus on targeting the online market through a webTV chat show, video feature and interviews, all involving ex-Army Lieutenant Colonel Hank Kiersey who had spent the past four years as a military adviser for the brand COD.

Lieutenant Colonel Kiersey spoke about his personal warfare experiences including the brutality, the weaponry and the process of battle planning, whilst naturally covering the highlights of the game itself.

This hugely successful campaign covered 17 websites, which were a mixture of gaming and men's lifestyle sites, as well as large ISPs. This resulted in an impressive potential reach of over 55m with accumulative coverage lasting over 76 weeks. Some notable sites that hosted the video feature included MSN, FHM and The SunOnline, with others such as Tiscali taking the webTV chat show.

To complement the online coverage, we also produced an audio feature which was distributed to selected radio stations across the UK ensuring listeners were informed about COD4 too.

Click here to view the WebTV chat show