Family Mediators Association

Raising awareness of Family Mediators Association and the importance of exploring mediation as an alternative to going to court when divorcing during Family Mediation Week


Family Mediators Association wanted to communicate the benefits of mediation to families whilst also communicating the legalties around this. In the absence of new consumer research we worked closely with the charity to ensure we had a fresh media hook for broadcasters, as well as a regional angle.


We bolstered the statistics from the research conducted by the charity last year with supporting data via desktop research, which enabled us to put a figure on the cost of the breakdown of marriages to the UK economy. This made the story more eye catching for broadcasters looking for a news bulletin and links to the necessity of exploring other options, such as mediation, outside of going to court. We alsorequested access to regional mediators which meant that broadcasters had access to a local voice and helped to further bolster the campaign reach, as stations are required to cover a certain amount of regionally relevant content and a local voice satisfies this this need.


 An impressive 154 items of coverage were secured across the key regions where mediators were available, with interviews conducted with the likes of Sky News Radio, BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Northampton, BBC Radio Jersey, Downtown Radio and Eagle Radio.