First global live WebTV programme via satellite

Laphroaig single malt whisky has been distilled in the tiny island of Islay off the western Scottish coast for nearly two hundred years. Today, its various ‘expressions’ – the different ages and types of whiskies – are enjoyed across the globe on every continent. Markettiers4dc was commissioned with producing what is believed to be the first live interactive WebTV programme delivered via satellite to a global audience, as well handling all broadcast coverage, to promote the launch of a new premium expression – a 27-year-old – and to further engage with its growing online community of 280,000 Friends of Laphroaig. The Question Time-style programme featured a tasting of five Laphroaig expressions involving a panel of three experts, together with a live audience of 20 lucky FoL award winners. Definitely one for Whisky connoisseurs!

The show was technically demanding: produced off-site with no hard wire connection at the venue, markettiers4dc employed the latest satellite technology to film, encode and stream the show live, and all the equipment needed to make it a true interactive experience.

Sample screenshots of the pre-promotional coverage on Tiscali and live coverage of the show on the client's website are above.

This campaign generated global coverage. As well as promoting the programme to the Friends of Laphroaig community, using the client's mailing lists, markettiers4dc placed it in 10 third party websites. More than 1,000 questions were posted in advance of the show which received over 7,300 viewers of the live show, and another 1,100 questions were received live during the broadcast. These were sent from viewers in locations such as Rhode Island, USA; Sweden; Finland; Denmark; New Zealand; Australia and South Africa.

PRWeek Award Winner 2008