Go Ultra Low

markettiers were briefed by PFPR to discuss the rise in popularity of ultra-low emission vehicles. Actor, TV Presenter and Electric Car Expert, Robert Llewellyn was fronted to talk about the 26% rise in the sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2017. The challenge was that we had 2 working days to ensure that this campaign exhausted all opportunities and that we delivered a heroic broadcast schedule.

Although our newsroom team had two working days to speak to their broadcasters and sell in the story, both the accounts team and newsroom team worked throughout the weekend to ensure that we spoke to all broadcasters and sought all interest. Our account executive also made sure that our spokesperson was looked after at 6:30am on a Monday at Westminster for the first interview with Sky Sunrise.

Overall, the campaign delivered as 16 opportunities were secured throughout TV, radio and online. Some of the key highlights included; BBC Wales Online (60m), BBC Radio Wales – Good Morning Wales (361,000), Sky Sunrise (324,000), talkRADIO (275,000) and BBC Radio Devon (204,000).