HCP Webinar Portal Development & Content Creation

Increasing registered users for Bayer website via online webinar portal. 


The Animal Health team at Bayer Healthcare was looking to deeper engage with Vets who were using their products. They wanted to develop a long term strategy to share with this target audience, using modern media and tools to access and gather data.


We developed a webinar portal for them, which over the subsequent three years has been maintained and refreshed with content by our teams. We also film, edit and stream CPD webinar content on a regular basis. The portal was password protected and each user had their own account on the site, where the CPD certificates for webinars they completed were saved and downloadable.  We also built in the capability to run live real time polling amongst registered members.

Webinars were filmed both on location and at our in-house studios, most with synced slides running alongside them on a split screen for more detailed information or images.  Several webinars also included scientific footage or separately captured standalone content.  Each webinar was pre-promoted via HTML emails to registered users of the portal and subsequent to the ‘live’ release of a webinar, it was hosted on the website on-demand.


By mid-2015 over 2800 vets were registered users of the site.  In January 2016 all of the existing content hosted on the portal was migrated to the new Bayer-managed Vet Centre website, however the back-end development and production responsibility remains with markettiers.