HSBC Climate Partnership

The Climate Confidence Monitor 2009 was HSBC’s third international survey of consumer attitudes towards climate change. We were tasked with generating broadcast coverage around the release of the results, through the creation of content for online and TV distribution. The objective being to raise awareness of the HSBC Climate Partnership and how HSBC is working with four environmental charities (The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and WWF) to reduce the impact of climate change.


Access to Lord Stern, adviser to HSBC on economic development and climate change, Steve Howard, Chief Executive of the Climate Group, and Francis Sullivan, Deputy Head of Group Corporate Sustainability and Adviser on the Environment, was used to create video news features for online placement. Additionally, a B Roll package for international distribution was produced. The two video news features were edited to appeal to a core business audience, as well as a broader consumer audience.


Online coverage was secured across 11 third party sites, including The Independent, Telegraph, In The News, Director of Finance and Fresh Business Thinking, whilst 4 items of international TV coverage were also confirmed from the B Roll distribution.