Laphroaig: Laphroaig Live 2014 comes to Stockholm

For the eighth year running markettiers4dc, on behalf of digital agency VPH, broadcasted Laphroaig Live; a 40 minute live and interactive TV show streamed online. This year the production came from a small island called Fjarderholma just outside Stockholm.

The single malt whisky brand has a database of over half a million ‘Friends’ around the world who follow Laphroaig avidly and so each year the annual live whisky tasting show is streamed to them from a different country. After trips to the US, Spain, Germany and Australia, the brand team chose Stockholm for this year’s show as Laphroaig is the No 1 selling single malt whisky in Sweden.

The show is much more than an online whisky tasting session, filmed in a restaurant in front of a live studio audience the programme features several guests, food, music and of course whisky. markettiers4dc managed all production and logistics for the stream to be broadcasted live as well as place the content on third party websites and high profile whisky blogs.

The stream was placed on over 18 sites including Express, The Whisky Exchange and Friends, Malt Imposter, Planet Whiskies, Whisky Business, Whisky Corner and Whisky Times. On the night thousands of Friends of Laphroaig logged on live and joined in with the interactive show with many questions answered on air.