Lumiere London

Markettiers generates huge global broadcast coverage for Lumiere London

London & Partners, the official promotional company for the capital, entrusted us with maximising worldwide broadcast coverage of the city’s first ever festival of light – Lumiere London.

Thirty locations across the city including Westminster Abbey, The Mall and the BAFTA building in Piccadilly were transformed into canvasses by  artists from around the world who specialise in using light.

In order to maximise global broadcast coverage  – with particular focus on London’s key tourism markets of the US, France & Germany – we devised a twin strategy.

For overseas-based broadcasters we produced B-Roll and edited video packages for distribution to TV stations and websites in Europe, US and Asia on the night of the festival’s launch..

We then invited UK broadcasters and London-based international news bureaux to cover the event and set up whatever they required for filming, interviews, live broadcasts etc.

Many of them sent crews but then augmented their coverage with the content we had supplied.

Two global broadcasters – BBC World and CCTV international  – ran our B-roll in their bulletins and 10 national broadcasters in the UK, US, China, France and Germany also gave the footage extensive airtime. Highlights included The One Show on BBC 1, Good Morning America on CBS and Culture Express on CNTV in China.

Additionally we provided video content for the three major global TV news agencies – Reuters, APTN and AFPTV – to distribute to thousands of TV stations and websites worldwide. At least fifty local TV news channels in the US ran the B-roll as a result.

In addition our video content is running on over forty English, French and German language websites including, Daily Mail, ITV News, and MSN.