markettiers4dc Launch the Inaugural Meerchat with David Hasselhoff

Aleksandr Orlov, the billionaire meerkat made famous by his comparison website, is turning his paw to presenting for a brand new monthly “Meerchat” podcast launching today with Hollywood legend David Hasselhoff – produced by marketteirs4dc.

The Russian entrepreneur, who has over half-a-million fans on Facebook and around 30,000 Twitter followers, will be interviewing a number of stars ranging from Hollywood A-Listers to leaders of industry. The new show aims to support Aleksandr’s wider campaign to highlight the difference between his own website and the website for easy car insurance

Broadcast from the Meerchat studios in the drawing room of Orlov Palace, the show features both exciting meerkat news, and a high profile celebrity interview. Aleksandr’s right-hand-man, Sergei, acts as the show’s producer.

Aleksandr Orlov said “I have always been big fan of Mr Hoff so when he phone me personally to ask to be first guest on new show “Meerchat” I was happier than meerpup in grub shop. Sergei is ironing my Michael Knight commemorative pants right now! As well as big Holly Woods star interview I will also be talking about latest news and answering some questions from my loyal fans on the Twitter.”

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