Nissan announces major jobs boost

The Nissan Qashqai has been a major sales success for Nissan and a boost to the UK manufacturing sector, so news that the next generation would be wholly designed and built in Britain, safeguarding 5000+ jobs, was a significant economic story for the brand.

However, with less than 24hrs notice of the closely guarded Downing Street/Nissan announcement to work with and just one hours access to SVP Manufacturing, Nissan Europe, Trevor Mann, the challenge to deliver saturation top-tier mainstream and business news was a steep one.

Using their unrivalled access to and relationships with every major news broadcaster in the UK, deftly managing a strictly confined schedule and supplying all broadcasters with relevant, freshly edited b-roll within moments of the embargo to support the hard news story, Markettiers4dc were able to secure flagship news bulletin slots across the BBC, SKY and ITN/Channel 4 networks, whilst ensuring that national radio could also speak to Trevor during the one hour slot.

The combined potential audience reach, within just 60 minutes, exceeded 30m UK adults, and ensured that Nissan’s boost to the UK economy formed a vital part of the news agenda on the day, not merely in business slots on news channels but as a staple of terrestrial news programming.

The fast turnaround, maximum impact project built on a longstanding relationship between the broadcast specialist and Britain’s biggest car manufacturer following a short-listing at the CIPR Excellence Awards for their collaborative work on the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle.