NPIA Makes The Airwaves

Airwave, The secure radio network available to the emergency services throughout the London Underground, launched its new safety system to media and the public and looked to markettiers4dc to tackle the challenging logistics of the announcement.

The National announcement from Westminster tube station unveiled a new system set to improve communication between the surface and all 125 deep-level stations and tube trains, even mid-tunnel.

The sensitive nature of the story meant that the material was strictly embargoed and in order to maximize coverage opportunities B Roll footage was gathered in advance of the launch day to offer alongside interviewees.

In addition to near blanket use of the B Roll, five crews also attended the live event. The TV coverage stretched from 06.00 to 23.00 on the day of the launch. BBC Breakfast, BBC London ITV London each covered the story 7 times. The BBC1 One O'clock News ran a 2 minute package and there was consistent coverage across Sky News and BBC News Channel. Chief Constable Peter Neyroud, the NPIA's CEO, appeared on TV at least 12 times on launch day.

Reactive and efficient scheduling on the day in the face of challenging logistics enabled us to facilitate all interview requests on the afternoon of the press conference. Radio 4's Today programme, BBC Radio London, LBC, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, Capital, Absolute and XFM gave the story extensive airtime.

182 pieces of radio coverage with a combined total airtime of almost 13hrs secured a potential audience reach of 29,786,000.

Online, before the end of the day, coverage had been placed on the BBC, Channel 4, Metro, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Express and View London.