Ocean Spray

Can you train your body to stave off colds?

the story

Ocean Spray are experts at growing cranberries. Established in 1930, they sell a range of products, most famous is their cranberry juice. Found in major supermarkets in the UK and across the globe.

the challenge

We have worked with Louise Barnett PR on a number of projects, and the challenge with Ocean Spray was to promote and emphasise the association between cranberries and health and well-being. However, at the same time we needed to promote brand awareness and position Ocean Spray as the UK’s favourite juice. Highlighting these health benefits (e.g. vitamin C levels)

the answer

We identified a seasonal hook to start crafting a story: cold season. Cranberries are often associated with things like Urinary Tract Infections, we focused on post-Christmas colds. We made a link to cranberries and other health benefits. This includes providing vitamin C which is necessary for preventing colds.

We chose Dr Jenna Macciochi as our spokesperson for the broadcast session. An immunologist with plenty of knowledge and experience in the field of illness and preventative methods.

We undertook research to find out how knowledgeable people were in staving off colds, as well as finding out if people do anything at all. As a result, the findings made for an engaging, timely story at the beginning of January. With Jenna on board as our expert the story began to gain traction.

the successes

Through a range of radio interviews with national and regional (including BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Somerset) stations, we were able to successfully highlight the link between cranberries and health thanks to a strong story and a confident, knowledgeable spokesperson who was fully briefed prior to the studio session. This therefore also increased brand awareness as key messages and brand mentions featured in almost all interviews.