Online fashion aggregator helps shoppers beat Black Friday

Consumer and Business broadcast coverage places Lyst front of mind across the Black Friday weekend


With forecasters predicting £5 billion being spent over the Black Friday weekend, with the significant majority of that online and via mobile as customers shun the old fashioned in store scrum for a far more comfortable retail experience, an opportunity was identified for Lyst to increase its share of voice across multiple broadcast media channels. Of course, with so many brands competing for coverage during this key retail period, the challenge was coming up with a strategy that would truly deliver cut through.


With an inventory of over 3 million fashion products and access to 4.5million changing fashion data points every hour, Lyst could be positioned as a definitive source of global fashion intelligence. This allowed us to create bespoke, highly compelling pitches for both business and consumer broadcast media. The latter was strengthened using the results of research we commissioned showing that most sales savvy shoppers now require a 40% discount to consider something a real bargain. With coverage opportunities maximised through interviews and the production and placement of a top tips video feature and individual social video edits of each tip.


Coverage highlights included Lyst founder and CEO, Chris Morton, appearing on BBC World TV and CNN, highlighting that shopping online has blurred international boundaries and discussing how the industry is adapting to globalised pricing and consumer behaviour. Concurrently, Katherine Ormerod, Editorial Director at Lyst, delivered her top tips to listeners and users of more than 15 radio stations and 18 websites. These included the national on air outlet, talkRADIO, with and the luxury lifestyle website offering mass and highly targeted online reach respectively.