Oracle Cloud

the story

1.4 billion jobs and 77% of global food supply worth up to $577 billion annually depends on pollinators. But the global bee population is declining rapidly. Oracle Cloud has accelerated the chance of finding a solution by partnering with the World Bee Project World Hive Network. Furthermore, the network is bringing all the data together on a single easily accessible cloud platform, allowing scientists to analyse trends and establish what is causing different rates of decline in different countries. The World Bee Project is one of Oracle’s key customers in showing the possibilities of cloud-based technology. Moreover, it is at the forefront of solving real, global and biological issues, ultimately strengthening the concept that Oracle is looking after our tomorrow, today.

Oracle Cloud - Case Study - Markettiers - broadcast specialist creative agency
Oracle Cloud - Case Study - Markettiers - broadcast specialist creative agency

the challenge

Oracle Cloud challenged us to show that the World Bee Project World Hive Network is protecting our bees’ future and the food chains of which they are an integral part. They wanted to show that this is all enabled by Oracle Cloud.

We recommended capitalising on the partnership and planned editorially balanced tactics to keep Oracle Cloud central to the story. markettiers liaised with Saatchi on their advertorial filming for the World Bee Project. Our team advised on additional editorial activations which required further filming.

the answer

On World Food Day (16th October 2018), we crafted a news advisory outlining the importance and potential scientific breakthroughs that the World Hive Network Launch might be able to achieve. Our team emphasised Oracle Cloud technology’s central role within it.

We worked as an extension of the Oracle in-house team, writing tech and business feature advisories and a broadcast news advisory. markettiers also offered broadcasters the opportunity to film beekeepers in Reading and interview them on-site.

Our bespoke and indexed sell-in secured three television opportunities (Euronews, BBC South (key region for stakeholders), BBC London) reaching a global audience of more than eight million. The team booked three radio interviews with BBC Berkshire and BBC5Live Up All Night. They also secured the Naked Scientist and BBC World Service Science in Action podcasts. These syndicated out to a further 40 BBC regionals and BBC World Service radio.

We produced B-Roll with multiple spokespeople in two locations (London and Reading) and a cut news package. The cut news video feature told the story and outlined the importance of the relationship. In addition, the online advisory sat alongside the video feature on third party websites and via social channels.

Oracle Cloud - Case Study - Markettiers - broadcast specialist creative agency
Oracle Cloud - Case Study - Markettiers - broadcast specialist creative agency

the successes

markettiers secured three pieces of TV coverage for this project. BBC South included Oracle Cloud in John Abel’s Aston during the interview and the story was also trailed across BBC South’s 6 regional news bulletins on BBC Breakfast. Cumulative TV audience reach: c.8,180,000.

The day after activation, BBC Berkshire aired live from Oracle (Reading) interviewing John Abel. This interview broadcast at two points during Andrew Peach’s morning show. BBC 5live Up All Night broadcast the day after and syndicated across 32 BBC regionals. The Naked Scientist podcast went live a week later and also featured on the BBC 5 Live Science podcast. It subsequently syndicated out across an additional 40 BBC regional stations. BBC World Service, Science in Action podcast aired that same week. The programme went out across BBC World Service Radio, with a total reach of 1.4 million globally. On-air radio reach = >22,749,000 (*podcast listening figures not included)

This project has been a huge sensation. John Abel has been contacted on a “daily basis” by organisations including DEFRA. Sabiha at the World Bee Project received requests from 80 organisations and people to install bee hives and join the project.