The UAE host the Papal visit of his holiness Pope Francis

the story

During February 2019, the UAE was due to host the Papal visit of His Holiness Pope Francis. This was an historic moment not only for the UAE but for the rest of the world. It was the first time that a pontiff has visited the Arab peninsula.

the challenge

markettiers were to support the teams managing the Papal visit. Through controlled messaging telling the unique stories that captured the human importance of the Pope’s visit to the UAE.

the answer

We created multiple B-Roll, cut packages and still images that were then distributed to broadcast media. Targeted to land with the world’s global TV and online media, focusing on specific core markets.

The team worked with and managed TV requests from some of the global media flying to the UAE and attending the event. Providing them with access to the live feed for their news reports.

As well as the media relations undertaking, markettiers also crafted a series of content to be shared on social media. For both ahead of and during the event with photography also being captured and shared immediately to provide a stream of content for different platforms.

In addition, markettiers on the ground live streamed the visit to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Above all so that people could watch the occasion unfold as it happened.

the successes

With both markettiers MENA and markettiers London teams working hand in hand, the coverage has achieved over 1,750 separate TV reports or TV news headlines from footage of our 6 B-Rolls and cut packages delivered in over 47 countries.