Racing to New Heights

We worked with specialist residential – led London property developer Mount Anvil to mark the announcement of a new global partnership with Aston Martin Racing

Celebrating the unique partnership – which brings together two British brands each renowned for iconic design & quality and world class health & safety – the 2016 Aston Martin race car (V8 Vantage GTE Challenger) was lifted by crane onto the top of Dollar Bay; Mount Anvil’s dockside 31 storey tower.

Our production team worked overnight to package stunning footage of a daring visual stunt which saw the racing car lifted onto to the dockside development.

Our crews captured extensive footage from the ground, from a helicopter and via a series of go pros situated at a number of vantage points to ensure every aspect of the one tonne, £1 million car’s lift was documented on camera.

B roll content of the lift was edited and distributed to media at 3am in time for early news bulletins and a cut news package was produced including excerpts from the roof top press conference – including a driver change over between Le Mans winner Darren Turner and Marco Sørensen just ahead of the kick off of the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championships at Silverstone this Sunday.

Coverage thus far has included extensive pick up via the AFP News Wire, PA Multimedia, CCTV English with a reach of >70m, The Mirror, AOL, MSN,  Huffington Post and Yahoo.