Raising awareness for Testicular and Prostate Cancer

Male cancer is on the increase in the UK. The incidence of testicular cancer has risen by 70% over the last 20 years while Prostate cancer now kills one man every hour in the UK. Men are twice as likely as women to put off a visit to the doctors regarding a health concern and knowledge about Testicular and Prostate Cancer is still limited.

The campaign, targeted at UK men, their partners and families, aimed to raise awareness of Testicular and Prostate Cancer and to position www.check-em.com as the ideal place to go for information.

Although Prostate and Testicular cancer are undoubtedly serious issues, it was important to deliver the messages in a way that would engage listeners rather than make them feel they were being lectured. This was underpinned by offering information about the release of a DVD which, whilst providing informative content, also featured Robbie Williams sporting a pair of false breasts – sure to raise a smile from even the most serious of fellas! In addition, Wendy Jarrett PR secured former Ipswich Town captain and Chelsea player Jason Cundy as the radio spokesperson as Jason was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in 1997. His footballing prowess coupled with his personal experience of cancer made him an ideal spokesperson and an attractive draw for the target media.

The interviews reached nearly 2.5 million listeners across 18 stations and delivered key facts whilst also placing a focus on positive messaging as testicular cancer is easily treatable if caught early – a recovery rate of up to 96%. But for those who were still a little sheepish about asking their Doctor for more information, each piece of coverage contained the url for www.check-em.com where information could be found on the causes, symptoms and treatments available for Testicular and Prostate Cancer.

Participating stations included 107.6 Juice FM, BFBS, Choice FM, SGR, BBC Oxford and BBC Northampton.