Research-based broadcast approach pays off for The TechGuys

During ‘protect you and your data month’ The TechGuys were keen to raise awareness of the support and products they offer to help keep kids safe online (The TechGuys Kids Safe Online Set Up service), reduce the risk of identity theft and protect confidential documents (The TechGuys Data Cleanse service) as well as in store services to assist with Data Transfer and Recovery from damaged or corrupted computers. The broader marcoms objective was to raise awareness and improve understanding of how The TechGuys can help customers with all forms of technology.

markettiers dc created a broadcast strategy using the results of research, commissioned on behalf of The TechGuys via our research agency Opinion Matters, to generate interest across both news and feature broadcast programming. Topics explored within the research included:-

  • The length of time parents are leaving their kids online unsupervised each week.
  • What they have caught them doing online.
  • How many computers the average UK adult has owned,
  • What kind of personal information we store on our computers.
  • How we eventually dispose of them.

The most newsworthy results generated headlines including ‘almost 1 in 5 parents in the UK say their child is spending more than 10 hours online every week’ and ‘almost 20 percent of kids using the internet are doing so completely unsupervised’. Delivering the campaign just before the Easter holidays provided further timeliness to the campaign and allowed us to position the brand and our spokespeople, Gadget Show presenter Suzi Perry and Tim Fairs from The TechGuys, as offering essential advice and support to ensure families across Britain get the most out of their technology but remain safe.

Rob Forbes, Head of PR, Computing Division, DSGi Plc said of markettiers4dc
 “The team took us through exactly what would be required and set the whole studio day up so that it would run smoothly and without glitches. Following the radio activity we tracked a 1000% uplift in sales, truly amazing. I can't recommend this agency highly enough”  

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