Revealing Nesta's Innovation Predictions for 2016

For the third year in a row we worked with innovation charity Nesta to deliver regional, national and global media coverage of their predictions for innovations that will come to life in 2016


Each Autumn, the organisation pulls together its crack team of renowned experts across business, health, technology, politics and society to research which mega-trends will be changing the way we live, work and play in the year ahead, how & why. Our role is to digest the ‘big data’, providing insight & guidance on which ones will resonate most with broadcasters and their diverse audiences, packaging them to suit broadcasters needs. This time it’s all about ‘kettle-hacking’ as our connected homes became cyber-crime targets, video games on prescription as evidence grows around their therapeutic role in mental health treatment and the rapid rise of bespoke powdered nutrients – or space-food – as the human diet evolves at unprecedented speed. 


Our skill comes not only through precision targeted media relations but in interpreting the story for broadcast, making it palatable, relatable and digestible – turning the language of ‘boffins’ & science fiction into the art of conversation – hot talking points that stir and set the news agenda in equal measure, allowing Nesta to consolidate their position as the number one organisation to go to if you have a bright idea of your own. 


With Nesta CEO Geoff Mulgan, and various Nesta experts available for interview, we secured BBC World Service, appearances on Sky Sunrise, Kiss FM, BBC World TV and a plethora of regional BBC and commercial outlets across the UK, delivering a multi-million audience reach