RHS Great British Village Show Book Launch

markettiers worked with DK Publishing to promote the launch of the RHS Great British Village Show book across broadcast media.


Given the launch of the RHS Great British Village Show book was well ahead 'Village Show' season, we were tasked with creating relevance to secure cut through for the campaign and interviews for its authors across broadcast media.


Whilst the campaign was primarily focused on the recent launch of the book, to create additional talking points and provide a timely news hook for broadcasters, the 70th anniversary of the first broadcast of ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ or ‘Gardener’s Question Time’, was highlighted and leaned on as an additional ‘why now’ aspect for the campaign. We also sourced a list of upcoming village shows across the UK to provide regional relevance and these were verbally referenced when targeting media.

The authors, Matthew Biggs and Thane Prince, who have existing media profiles and currency within broadcast, were offered for interview with media, providing enticing insight into the book. Through this combined approach of timely pegs, regional relevance and maximising spokespeople, strong on air coverage was achieved.


Coverage was secured on 17 stations across the UK.  These included a range of regional BBC stations including BBC Leeds, BBC Tees, and BBC Cornwall, the Global South hub and two national radio stations, heightening awareness and encouraging listeners to seek more information or purchase the new book, ultimately achieving the campaign aims.