Saga Over 50s Motorists Report

markettiers4dc were briefed by Saga to raise awareness of their Over 50s Motorists Report, a compelling insight into the substantial role the over 50s play in the UK’s motoring sector.

The report, conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research for Saga Motor Insurance, revealed that the over 50s account for nearly half of all motor transport spend and that the percentage of over 60s and 70s that hold licences has increased much faster than for all age groups combined. The release of the new report provided an opportunity for Saga Motor Insurance to further align with this increasingly influential section of society.

To support the release of the report and bring the findings to life we developed a short animation with illustrative graphics and archive images.

To make the content editorially balanced for news, lifestyle and targeted over 50 sites, the video used the 80th anniversary of the driving test as a news peg to show how driving regulations and habits have changed over the decades.

The film has so far been feature on sites including Yahoo, Express, the Mirror and International Business Times as well as targeted over 50s sites.