Sixty per cent of Brits find nuisance callers stressful, are you one of them?

Research reveals that nearly 83 per cent of UK adults experience nuisance calls with an average of nine nuisance calls in a four-week period. Kelly Barlow, Director of Voice and Mobile at BT discusses how BT Call Protect can help.

Challenge:  Porter Novelli and BT were looking to promote the latest call blocking feature from BT and highlight the rise of nuisance calls and the effects that these calls have on the average Brit.  

Solution: Having worked previously on the issue of nuisance calls, markettiers was tasked with generating further broadcast coverage to promote BT’s new call blocking service called BT Call Protect that is now available to all BT customers – this was due to the rising problem of nuisance calls, and the worrying number of Brits finding nuisance calls very stressful leading to high levels of anxiety.  We worked with spokesperson Kelly Barlow to provide insight on how customers can deal with nuisance calls, and ultimately allowing us to promote the benefits of using BT Call Protect to prevent the calls carrying on in the future.

Results: Coverage was secured across a number of regional and national stations including LBC, BBC Oxford, and BBC Wales.