SPANA calls for complete overhaul on approach to international aid

New Chief Exec of SPANA, Geoffrey Dennis campaigning for change in how organizations provide international aid with reference to rebuilding infrastructures, specifically – communities’ working animals


SPANA, the international animal charity which works tirelessly to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities by providing free veterinary treatment, wanted to introduce their new CEO, Geoffrey Dennis, and raise awareness of the charity’s work and Geoffrey’s priorities in his new role. He was previously Chief Executive of Care International UK for ten years and worked for many years with the Red Cross – including as Regional Director of the International Federation of the Red Cross in South Asia during the 2004 tsunami and as Country Director in North Korea, where he lived for seven months (one of only seven foreigners living there at the time).

Geoffrey is campaigning for change in how the international community – including governments, major charities and aid organisations – approaches the delivery of international aid. Sustainability must play a larger part in aid response in order to rebuild community infrastructures – and animals are central to achieving this. Approximately one billion people in developing countries rely entirely on a hidden workforce of animals for their livelihoods and one working animal can support an extended family of up to 30 people.  Those who lose their livelihoods during drought and other crises can find themselves caught in an ‘aid trap’ and SPANA argues that one of the best ways to protect vulnerable communities is to look after their animals, which must be made more of a priority.


SPANA provided markettiers with stock footage of the new CEO’s recent trip to Mali amongst other clips, from which we produced b-roll. This b-roll was offered alongside interview opportunities with the CEO to take place from our London studios. While Geoffrey was on site, we recommended producing an audio feature package and also a piece to camera interview with Geoffrey from which we created a 90 second cut news reel juxtaposing the interview with the previously provided footage of the charity at work.


An expansive schedule of interviews for radio and online was secured to relay this important call to action, including international broadcaster BBC World Service, Sky News Radio and Huffington Post and our cut news package for has gone out on international online distribution and live, at the most recent count, on twenty three sites. The audio feature will also increase the coverage and deliver a very strong return on investment for this charity.